1 Dec

David Osio Knows The Proper Methods For Investing Long Term And Being Successful

The majority of people out there looking to be successful are looking for the tips and tricks to making it happen more reliably and quicker. This is even more so true when ti comes to investing and being an entrepreneur. These are both highly lucrative businesses to be in, however, they come with a fair bit of risk and they take a lot of knowledge to maintain and do well in. When it comes to real estate, David Osio has been on the right course for many years now, following his strategies to build his empire steadily. Many people don’t have the necessary funds to start investing or buying property, but David teaches people that there are always deals and foreclosures going on that can be the basis of building a strong portfolio. Persistence and dedication to reaching goals are a must have in order to be truly successful.


In this way, getting into real estate is not that difficult, as long as an individual is willing to work hard to make it happen. David has long been buying up cheap properties in order to sell them for profits down the road. Often times, aspiring entrepreneurs get too hasty with their business, and try making millions overnight. This, however, is the exception to the case, as more often then not, going all in backfires and costs more than it gains in the long run. David stays away from risky investments like this, instead focusing on investments he know will grow in the future. This is the conservative approach, but it allows for steady building of funds over time.


Proper management of assets and finances is a very important part of maintaining a business and making good investments that profit. David doesn’t think newcomers to the industry should bother with loans or anything of the like, as it is just a debt to pay and only turns into a hindrance when things don’t work out with the money used. Banks also build up leverage, which can be a bad thing if the market ever crashes or happens to reach a low point.

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1 Dec

Michael Zomber Looks to the Future while Staying Rooted in the Past

Michael Zomber is best known to Americans as one of the contributors to the History Channels hit show Tales of the Gun, but that is just the tip of the iceberg of this man’s connection to the subject that he loves. The truth is that Michael is a man who loves history and more importantly he is a man who loves to share it with others. He started out in a simple life, born in Washington DC surrounded by the history of a nation. He then grew up into a child and then a man who had a passion for learning and for educating others.

Michael, as stated before, is of course one of the more recognizable faces from the Tales of the Gun Series on the History Channel. He has contributed to the shows episodes Guns of the Famous, Automatic Pistols, Dueling Pistols, Shotguns, Million Dollar Guns, and his personal favorite Guns of the Orient. There is a reason that his work on that particular episode is special to him. In addition to his love of all things history he is quite the enthusiast for ancient Asian cultures, most especially the Japanese culture and the samurai. He has also worked with the History Channel on other projects, acting a guest historian on many occasions.

It was Michael’s love of ancient Japanese culture and the era of the Samurai that led him to use his master’s degree in English Literature from UCLA to become a story teller of the past. His work Jesus and the Samurai is a controversial but critically acclaimed study that uses original source material in an effort to link the relationship between early Christianity and the subsequent development of the values and virtues of the traditional samurai way of life. Michael has also written several screen plays and fiction works including the popular Shogun Iemitsu War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan, which is a enthralling rad, but also a quintessential reference for others thanks to its expanded glossary of terms for Japanese weaponry, swords and samurai culture.

Michael Zomber is also a man who wants to look not only to the past but to the future as well. He works with many nonprofit and philanthropic organizations to help make the world a better place he and his wife Andrea support a number of organizations to assist children and help out in war torn areas in including The Smile Train, UNICEF, and Doctors Without Borders. He is a man who wants to help the world, and knows that the best way to advance society is to have not only a good idea of where you want to go, but a great understanding of where you have already been.

26 Nov

Reviewing the Achievements of InnovaCare Health Under Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health is among established healthcare services providers based in the U.S. that have come up with unique offers for Medicare and Medicaid plans. As a physician practice services company, InnovaCare Health has developed new policies that have seen the company grow from a small entity to a leader in the entire Puerto Rico region.

It remains the most preferred company for managed healthcare in North America due to the cost effective processes it has been offering, not forgetting the good quality that comes with these services. InnovaCare Health celebrates the great support its new leadership has brought to make it one of the best-performing companies in the healthcare industry.

Since 2012, there have been changes in the services system that have allowed the company to become better and focused on offering services that are meant to avail accurate solutions to the problems of customers. Most importantly, InnovaCare Health hired new executives who came in with exceptional skills and ideas that have transformed the way the firm runs processes. Below is a brief highlight of two of the leaders who have pushed the company to become successful.

Rick Shinto
Rick Shinto joined InnovaCare Health in 2012 after working with Aveta Inc., as the President and CEO for a period of four years. He works as the current CEO and President and is responsible for drafting new ideas that have transformed the company to become a leader in the industry. Rick Shinto is a professional who has been in the clinical medicine industry for more than 20 years. He is also highly educated on innovacarehealth.com and a renowned author of journals and articles on clinical medicine and healthcare.

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokkinides has also been actively supporting the development of InnovaCare Health and she was appointed the Chief Administrative Officer. She also worked at Aveta Inc within the same period as Rick Shinto, and her position was that of the Vice President of the company. When she joined InnovaCare Health, she added a new flare of leadership and dedication that has helped in re-designing the company to offer better products and services to clients.

About InnovaCare Health
As a premier healthcare services provider, Innovacare Health has come up with unique physician practice packages that have attracted the residents of North America. The company offers Medicare Advantage plans that are ideal to specific customer needs and affordable for the average user. Through modern technology and new leadership, InnovaCare Health has come up with a smooth system that has allowed customers to access services more easily.

25 Nov

Christmas Wishes From Securus Technologies

 Securus Technologies understands that mistakes happen. When they do, families are torn apart. The separation is hard enough on an average day, but to be apart from your loved ones on Christmas can be exceptionally traumatic, especially for children. Christmas is to be a time of magic, warmth, and miracles for little ones. Securus is delivering a small miracle for families this year with video visitations on Christmas. In a tear jerking video, a little boy gets to open his presents with his dad on Christmas morning, even though they are separated by unfortunate events. The emotions are evident in the dad’s eyes. What a wonderful gift for this family. What a powerful inspiration to keep moving forward for the dad. This is a touching example of Securus’ At Home Video Visitation. These are video calls you can have with your loved one from your home on a laptop, tablet, or even a smart phone without having to be present at the facility. In this way, your loved one can be part of the celebration on the big day, participating in festivities and seeing familiar warm smiles. Keeping families connected provides comfort and hope for inmates, and is yet another example of how Securus is working to keep focused on the human aspect of the human condition.


This is just one way Securus Technologies has put families and individuals first over the years. Another highly notable application is the ConnectUs system. This is the technology that eliminated hours of paperwork and overlooked requests, and gave the inmate more control of their own business. Using this system, they can file grievances, participate in video and phone calls with their families, receive messages from loved ones, file request forms, make use of video education, and even conduct job searches, and so much more.

By implementing this system, correctional facilities are able to free up employees for security instead of hours of office time managing requests. Increased security translates into safer inmates, and better chances of reuniting with their families in a timely manner.

To learn more about all the services Securus Technology offer and use to keep families close during trying times, please visit: https://securustech.net/

8 Nov

Expanding Into The Los Angeles Area

Status Labs is an international digital reputation management firm. They have several offices around the world including: New York, Austin and São Paulo. One of their primary services is to improve the public image of individuals in search engine results. They also offer general services in digital marketing, public relations, social media marketing, media training, website development, SEO, and product launches. They have had over 1500+ high profile clients and companies since their launch in 2011. They have been praised in media outlets such as the New York Times and New York Post.


They started off by serving important clients in Austin, Texas. Their client list included Urban Roots, Capital Food Bank of Texas and The Blood & Tissue Center of Central Texas.


This year, Status Labs will be moving into Culver City, Los Angeles. Since the online image of a company is now so important to make sales, Status Labs is looking to fill the niche of Souther California.


Before being recruited by Status Labs (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/status-labs-wins-fast-50-distinction-from-austin-business-journal-300324587.html), Blye worked as a Strategist for the international communications firm Weber Shandwick. During his employment, he has served many big names such as Verizon, Sonos and Unilever. His PR experience will surely transfer over to the digital reputation management business.


Los Angeles is a city where image is very important. It is home to many tech industries es well as the showbiz industry. Everyone must keep their reputation squeaky clean in order to succeed. Their new office will be fully operational and servicing local clientèle by the end of October.

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2 Nov

The OrganoGold Way

It is rare in today’s business environment, to find a company that is truly concerned about the general welfare of its customers. However, OrganoGold is one of those companies. Its mission is to help the consumers of its products to find lifestyle balance, freedom, well-being, and even a business opportunity. You see OrganoGold is a network marketing company, and most of its consumers are also independent distributors for the company’s products.

Those products include a variety of coffees, teas, vitamins and supplements, nutritional shakes, and daily care products. What makes them so special is an herb called Ganoderma. This is actually a mushroom, with anti-oxidant qualities, that has been used in holistic Chinese medicine for centuries.

Bringing Ganoderma products to the western world was a businessman named Bernardo Chua, the founder and CEO of OrganoGold. Bernie, as he is called, grew up in the Philippines where the Ganoderma herb was widely used.

Bernardo Chua was already a successful businessman and network marketing executive when he founded OrganoGold in 2008. However, his passion for sharing the earth’s treasures with a global market, was the incentive he needed to develop one of the fastest growing network marketing companies over the last five years. Bernie’s core values of loyalty and family are the guiding principles for OrganoGold and all of its distributors.

To ensure customer confidence, Bernardo Chua based his company in Canada, where the testing for new products is strict and the highest standards are enforced. He also developed OG Cares, a foundation to benefit disadvantaged youth throughout the world. This non-profit has sponsored wellness programs in the Philippines, China, Canada, Mexico, and the USA.

OrganoGold currently operates in over 50 countries and continually researches new products for its customers. It is easy to see why Bernardo Chua and OrganoGold have won numerous awards. There is no reason to believe that their success will not continue well into the future.