7 Jul

Dr. Rod Rohrich Excellence in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a well-known American plastic surgeon and instructor of plastic surgery at University of Texas Southwestern medical center. Dr. Rohrich was born in North Dakota on August 5, 1953. In North Dakota, he attended the University of North Dakota where he accomplished his and postgraduate degree and receiving honors for his academic achievements. Soon after he obtained his medical degree at Baylor College of Medicine he became a resident at the University of Michigan Medical Center and then at Oxford University where he studied in pediatric plastic surgery. In 1986 is where he began his professional job at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Dr. Rohrich had become Chairman of the Division of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern in 1991 and with him, as the chairman, it turns out to be one of the first Departments of Plastic Surgery in the U.S… While being a leader he worked with other surgeons and teacher for surgeons by providing advice as well. Under his leadership was able to make his residency program one of the best in the U.S. Today Dr. Rohrich has become very well-known in the media and has even appeared on some popular shows such as Good Morning America, CNN, and Oprah. Dr. Rohrich continues to be dedicated in treating different especially hard cases is preferred by people all around. Dr. Rohrich is a globally known rhinoplasty expert, instructing and exhibiting his cutting-edge way to deal with rhinoplasty around the world. Dr. Rohrich is known universally for his instructing, commitments, and progression of present-day cosmetic touch up systems and facial maturing. Dr. Rohrich works intimately with his patients to give the vastest choice of conceivable bosom inserts shapes and materials, cut areas, and embed arrangement alternatives that work best for every individual’s special circumstance.

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6 Jul

Cosmetic Pioneer Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is a successful cosmetic surgeon. He was voted as one of the best doctors in Dallas,TX for 10 years, and Texas Monthly named him a “Super Doctor”. He offers a variety of services to his patients.

He is a specialist when it comes to rhinoplasty, alternatively known as a nose job. The procedure involves changing the appearance, function, and shape of the nose. He offers both endonasal and open rhinoplasty, but he prefers the latter because he can directly access the structure of the nose underneath. He is one of the best, evidenced by the fact that 50% of his patients go to him to fix another surgeon’s work.

He is a pioneer when it comes to facelifts and facial rejuvenation. Facelifts use a lift-and-fill procedure to prevent aging features. The deeper layers of the face are lifted, and the central cheek area is filled. He asks his patients what 3 things they want to change about their appearance to determine what areas to focus on. His primary process involves a physical examination, computer imaging, expression observation, medical history check, recommendations, and facial photography.

He also does breast augmentation. The surgery involves placing implants behind the breast to improve the shape and increase volume. Dr. Rohrich will review the medical history and determine if the patient is a candidate for the procedure. He makes the necessary incisions with the intent of leaving as little scarring as possible. The surgery usually takes 1-2 hours.

Dr. Richard gives lectures around the world and writes popular books. He has been on Good Morning America, The Opera Winfrey Show, and The View. He is also the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’s Editor-in-Chief.

1 Jul

Jason Hope supports anti-aging research

Numerous health issues affect human beings as age progresses. It is a pity that old age has to be associated with suffering which comes with the inability to do things which we used to do at a younger age. Unfortunately, aging is a natural process that will happen no matter who you are. Aging does not have a certain group of people who it affects. As long as we are growing old, aging will catch up with us ultimately. For the longest time, the belief has been that there is nothing that can be done about aging. However, the narrative is slowly changing following scientific research that is being done by a group known as SENS Research Foundation.

SENS Research Foundation is led by Aubrey de Grey who is trying to assist the world resolve of the biggest puzzles. He wants to find a solution to the old age diseases by focusing on the main cause of the diseases which is aging. By addressing the root cause, the way human beings treat diseases will have changed. Normally, the research which is done focus on treatment of the diseases without looking at the cause. With the new research work that is being carried out by SENS, we are nearing an age where people will not worry about the age; the body will continue being strong and will not be affected by the diseases that come with old age. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging.

SENS Research Foundation depends on the goodwill of philanthropists who believe in the cause they are pushing for. One of the philanthropists who are ready to support the organization is Arizona based tech entrepreneur Jason Hope. Already Jason Hope has given the organization $500,000 which went to the creation of research laboratories as well as the creation of a program known as the AGE-breaker. This program is looking for a drug that will be able to stop or slow the aging process. Jason Hope is supporting research because he believes what the organization is doing is plausible and that by doing the right thing, we could wish farewell to old age diseases.

Jason Hope believes in the possibility of an anti-aging drug, and that is why he is passionate about the research. Although it is argued that it might even lead to an extension of lifespan, he has indicated that it is none of his concern at the moment. The most significant outcome is inventing a drug that will repair the damage caused by old age.

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25 Jun

State Court Honors Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has been honored by the state court in Sao Paulo. An auditorium at Perdizes Stadium was named after the judge. The president of the university did the honors by celebrating and awarding the judge with his honorary award for his aid and direction with helping with the construction of the auditorium.


During the ceremony the judge who also is a professor of criminal law at the university childhood was spoken about. The honoree for the night was born in 1958. At the young age of fifteen, he had already decided to pursue a career in law. He began studying law at PUC in 1977. In 1981, he graduated. At the Pontifical Catholic University, he attained certifications, a masters degree, a doctorate degree and a teaching degree. He went onto complete a postdoctoral fellowship. He then began teaching at PUC, earning his tenure in 2003. Ever since 1982, he has been a professor educating students on law. In 1983, he joined the State Judiciary. Eventually he got promoted to substitute judge and became a Court of Appeals judge.


During the ceremony, his literary work was brought up. He is an author of many publications. He has penned forty articles and thirteen novels. His colleagues spoke favorably about the professor. They described him as a treasure to the faculty. His students endeared his teachings. His character as a good man was noted as well because of zealousness, loyalty and honesty. His work for the university and teachings for students are immortal, never to be forgotten but to be a recognizable feature of the university’s history. His family and friends joined him in the auditorium to celebrate his award. His plaque was awarded to him from the university’s Office For Specialization and Extension Courses because of his mission to the university.


Judge Marco Antonia Marques da Silva is an accomplished lawyer, judge and professor. His honored career comes at no surprise because of his numerous accomplishments he has done for the state and the university. His incredible work is beloved by so many people in Sao Paulo.


25 Jun

Lee May Gives Back

Lee May, a construction company, was started in 2013 by a group of Directors whose construction experience is more than 100 years combined. Lee May’s services includes design and build, construction management, residential and commercial refurbishment, fit-out, aftercare, and land acquisition. Lee May’s development consists of single detached houses to larger developments as well as town houses, apartments, and studios. Lee May also considers other developments such as car dealerships, former builders, timber and scrap yards, petrol filling stations, former office buildings, warehouses and retail outlets, public housing, and assemblies.


Besides providing great services to their clients, Lee May also gives back to the community. Lee May has raised funds for Demelza Children’s Hospice. Demelza is committed to providing children with the best care and support for limiting and life-threatening conditions, as well as support for their families.(releasefact)


Lee May, a huge supporter and fan of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club, has sponsored a 10K run to help them buy a new mini bus. Lee May is raising £20,000 to put towards the bus and so far, they have raised around £3,580. All funds received will also be given to the boxing club to help with all of their needs.


Lee May is so proud to be a sponsor of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. Lee May helps the boxing club improves on their training and provides the best opportunities for the boxers to compete in domestic and European tournaments. Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club also gives back to the community by contributing to the development of young people who wants to be a part of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club.


Lee May continues to thrive at reaching their goal of £20,000 to help the boxing club. So far, there have been around 17 supporters who gave a generous amount to the fundraiser. Any amount given would be much appreciated by Lee May and the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club.

25 Jun

Perry Mandera’s Charity Works Change Lives in Chicago

Perry Mandera is a renowned CEO and founder of the Custom Cares Charities. She is known for her outstanding entrance into the industry of transportation. He graduated from the Chicago High school in 1975 after which she was immediately recruited to the U.S Marine Corps Reserves. In his venture, he learned handy skills that he uses to serve the community better. He had the skills to drive a track from one place to another. Later, the United States Marine Corps honored Perry Mandera with a high discharge before he embarked on his former life.


The Career Path of Perry Mandera in the Transport Industry


Perry Mandera decided to undertake several jobs in the transportation industry since he was 23 years of age. Later in 1980, he started his own transportation company which he sold in later 1985. Perry Mandera is also believed to have had interest in politics back then. At that time he Perry Mandera had the opportunity to be a Republican Party committeeman in Chicago for a couple of years. At that moment he was the youngest individual to hold such a position.


In 1986, Custom Companies, Inc. was started by the great Perry Mandera. The objective of the company to present day has been to promote all sizes of businesses from the large corporates to the smallest family businesses in Chicago. The company headquarters are in Illinois. The company also features over hundred workers who have helped to records 200 million dollar sales in the recent years. The Custom Companies Inc. has its subsidiaries in other parts of America.


The company provides comprehensive transport services which range from domestic to foreign air freight forwarding services. The Custom Companies Inc. also has several other provisions including owning warehouses and distribution facilities across Chicago.


Perry Mandera Helping in Disaster Relief Efforts


On behalf of the company, Perry Mandera was honored to donate some transport services in the aid to the disaster relief efforts following the tornado-related devastation which occurred in 2013. The donated services were meant for people and business situated in Washington, Illinois. Additionally, Perry was able to give food and other supplies to the affected families.


25 Jun

Meet Jeff Aronin the founder of the Ovation Pharmaceutical Inc.

Jeff Aronin is a philanthropist who is also currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Paragon Biosciences. Paragon Biosciences basically deals with helping people with rare diseases especially those with few treatment options and even those that have no treatment at all. By doing so, Paragon Bioscience play’s a great role in development of innovative startup companies with the intention to come up with pioneering treatments and new prescription and medications.


With the approval of 13 new medications by FDA in the last ten years, this marked great success for the Paragon Bioscience. Through Paragon Bioscience, Jeff Aronin provides both strategic and financial assistance to upcoming biotechnology companies, which is a step towards creation of new medicine. Paragon works by deeply studying the needs of the patients, manipulation of science and finally come up with companies in order to win in the battle against suffering, hence increasing the life span of the patients.


Having worked in the biotechnology industry for about 2 decades, Jeff Aronin has definitely garnered so much experience. Furthermore, he has a unique comprehension of rare disorders, research methods and also how to come up with new medicines. Jeff Aronin is a compassionate man, possessing a heart to serve other people. Jeff is Unique when it comes to leadership, by manipulation of his skills in leadership, it makes it possible for him to bring together a group of researchers with a goal to come up with a means to cure rare medical disorders and other terminal illnesses.


As a means of making changes in the field of medicine, Jeff Aronin likes to share his knowledge with young entrepreneurs in the field. According to him things that are viewed by many as impossible to solve, they are actually the problems that are worth solving. Through his continuous search of new technologies and medical treatments, this offers hope to many in the entire world. In his great desire to see the needs of patients with critical health conditions settled, he founded the Ovation Pharmaceutical back in the year 2000. However, after the company had successfully been operational for nine years, it was sold to a Danish healthcare company called Lundbeck.



25 Jun

Medical Expert and Entrepreneur- Jorge Moll

Rio de Janeiro is lucky to have a successful neuroscientists in Brazil. Jorge Moll is an achieved medical expert who has specialized in neurological disorders, and he is the President, a Senior researcher as well as a Board member of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. The D’Or Institute of Research and Education is a non-profit organization with a mandate of promoting scientific-technological advancement in the medical sector. The neurological expert is passionate about the pharmaceutical industry, and he is also the President of Instituto D’Or de Pesquisa e Ensino which is a scientific research facility. The medical expert is determined to change the healthcare sector that is why he also partners with other medical organizations including VHM Ventures which is based in San Jose, California.


After his graduation from high school, Dr. Jorge joined Sao Paulo University as well as Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. His quest to gain more skills in the medical industry led him to join Stanford University as a visiting research scholar from 2015 to 2016, and from 2004 to 2007 he was at National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. IN his efforts to achieve more knowledge in the medical field he has been studying on how the human brain affects human behavior as well as social judgment. Being the founder and the President of D’Or Institute of Research and education he was asked where the idea came from and he said that ever since he began his career, he had a passion of establishing a world-class research education and healthcare facility in his home country, Brazil.


Jorge Moll begins his day by attending meetings which involve speaking to people on various medical issues, and most of his audiences are students, investors, researchers, as well as scientists. When he was asked how he brings ideas into life, DR. Moll mentioned that ideas are many, but the most challenging thing is to choose from the many designs. He said that he the ideas which can easily be converted to plan action and he can partner with other medical experts and organizations. Jorge Moll trusts that doing fascinating things people can change the experience as well as positively affect lives and industries.


25 Jun

Reasons Why Systems IS Are the Best Collection Agencies



Getting a collection of notices has become challenging when you mostly receive it for the first time. Such unexpected notes affect one emotionally hence signifying the unpaid debt. If you have been wondering how to move on after receiving numerous notifications, then IC Systems are here to help. Let us take you through the history of IC Systems.


The IS Systems History


IC Systems started its operations in 1938 after its creation by Ruth and Jack Erickson. The foundation of IC Systems had a vital aim in providing an honest service to its customers. In the past decades, the guiding principle of the company has driven the company through the three generations of power. IC Systems advocates for innovation in the company hence, IC Systems strives to top with an outstanding record of being nominated in the BBB Torch Award for Ethics from 2013 to 2015.


Functions of IC Systems


  • Ensuring there is a consistent audit and the services delivered are of high quality.



  • Performing checks on diverse areas in its operations.


Measures of IC Systems


If you have tried using IC Systems, you would have wondered whether they have effective measures against collectors. First of all, IC Systems is guided by ethical and honest principles throughout its operations. In this case, IC Systems works tirelessly to ensure there are better financial results to their customers. Maintaining a friendly consumer-client relationship is a task IC Systems works on consistently.


IC Systems keeps track of all calls staff make to ensure consumers behave appropriately. Later, the requests are reviewed to analyse how the team interacted with the clients. Customers are often urged to use the online contact page in case of a pertinent issue.


Objectives of IC Systems


  • IC Systems encourages the prosperity of employees and clients’ initiatives.


  • Ensuring the maintenance of infrastructure and lands is sustained.


  • Urging IC Systems incorporate their appropriate values into other useful operations.


  • Conserving energy and renewable resources of energy. (releasefact)


In conclusion, despite the unusual feeling when contacted by IC Systems, such companies should strive to ensure an ethical sound practices gets executed.


25 Jun

The Amazing Investment Clues by Christopher Linkas

Taking an early lead in investment is a wise step towards gaining financial independence. It is equally lucrative and profitable for future reimbursement after retiring from active work life. While talking about investment, it is generally important to understand the loopholes of the game and how to go about it before making an eventual venture. Investments vary from one entity to another and our main focus here is investing in real estate business. Christopher Linkas as a financial expert has brought some great tips to guide you in real estate investment.


Christopher Linkas started investing right after finalizing his studies at Bowdoin College in 1991. There were limited opportunities at the time due to recession which were organically generated by loan crisis and savings. However, he was able to design a strategic route that would guide him eventually to investment prowess. Offering of loans was done at a gloomily reduced rates as a way of jump-starting the economy which played out quite positively for the venturesome young professionals who possessed an unquenchable interest to learn the tricks surrounding the investment environment.


Christopher Linkas was swift to find a job at a consulting firm which specialized on repackaged loans. He then switched to credit and investment occupation and this inspired him to manage a promising credit as well as real estate enterprise beyond the vicinity of New York. While working in this organization, Christopher Linkas had a special focus towards opportunistic debt as well as being the head of the organization’s divisional real estate business.


As an experienced professional in the field of business investments, Christopher Linkas can clearly demonstrate that real estate business is amazingly profitable as compared to other types of investment. He strongly advises that an investment expert who distributes their stakes into real estate business while including stocks and bonds will be in a better capacity of good protection from the changing market trends and fluctuations.


Diversification into commercial real estate is a perfect practical approach of financial investment. However, it is not quite possible to get rid of value fluctuations completely when viewed on a reality landscape. Christopher Linkas recommends that a better look on the various factors which affect the way values fluctuate should be technically employed.


Wrapping up everything, Christopher Linkas through his own experiences, has outlined a quick insight on how to approach financial investment. As seen by the above few tips, his viewpoint revolve around real estate business which he recommends any investor to give a second thought before diverting to other forms of investments.