4 Oct

Bridget Scarr Pursuing Content Creation at Colibri Studios

Bridget Scarr, a renowned writer and a respected executive producer, is presently pursuing her interests in content development at Colibri Studios. Also, she is the head of content development, strategy, and partnerships at the company. Colibri Studios prides itself on creating beautifully executed content.

For many years as a TV producer, Scarr oversaw the perfect execution of content developed by other people. However, at Colibri Studios, she has an opportunity to create her content and bring her ideas to life. She fondly refers to Colibri as “home for her ideation.” Scarr’s creative interests span many areas including exhibition projects, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital content, or television projects.

Content creation requires peace of mind. Scarr explains that to have her mind set on the job; she starts her day by meditating; meditation nurtures her creative spirit. She devotes her office time, 9 A.m. to noon, to doing research and writing original content. She also keeps abreast of developments in her industry by reading industry news. After office hours, Scarr devotes some time to follow up on emails, read a book, and watch TV among other inspirational activities.

Technology is virtually changing all aspects of life, and Scarr is proud that technology is positively impacting her field. She is particularly excited by virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Scarr adores VR; she says that the technology transports a person and it is capable of stirring emotions. The overall effect is that experiences become more exciting and memorable.

Ups and downs have marked Scarr’s entrepreneurship journey. She explains that at some point in life she lost a venture which she had built with her partner. Scarr and her partner lost a company they had invested time and resources. She got depressed. However, she is resilient as she picked herself up and she is destined for greatness.

As a family person, Scarr values quality family time; she uses meal times to bond with her family. She states that she must have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with her family. Apart from regularly dining as a family, she usually takes her son for evening walks, and she claims that playing with her son helps her prioritize items in her life. Away from the creative and production world, Scarr is an author. Her first novel is titled “A Fantasy Epic.” She is also a singer and songwriter who is working on her first album. She is based in London, U.K.


Visit http://bridgetscarr.com/ to learn more.

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