24 May

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis create health and beauty powerhouse

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were long known as two of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the North American direct-selling business. After having founded a large number of successful firms, the couple had become legendary as well as very wealthy. In fact, by their mid-30s, Ray and Lewis had already amassed a large enough fortune to ensure that they would never again have to work. But they continued doing so out of the pure rush of creating great companies and their own drive for excellence.

But as the couple approached their 70s, they thought that they would finally give retirement a try. Now with a number of grandkids, who they loved to spend time with, Ray and Lewis thought that spending more time with family and with each other could only be a good thing. However, the innately driven couple didn’t count on exactly how big of a change going from international tycoons to Florida retirees would be. The couple quickly realized that they were not constituted for day after day of purposelessness. They began selling a few products out of their garage. Before long, Jeunesse Global had officially become a going concern.

Given their long track record of high-level success, it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that Ray and Lewis were able to avoid the missteps common to new business owners and begin growing their new venture quickly. But just how quickly would astonish even them. By the end of its first year, Jeunesse Global was doing nearly $1 million in sales. By its fifth year, it had thousands of distributors and was selling tens of millions of dollars per year in health and beauty products. Today, the company is estimated to be worth more than $1 billion, a level of growth that is almost unprecedented in the history of American business.

Behind all of this stunning success has been the company’s great products. With its Youth Enhancement System, Jeunesse Global has created a series of products that, for the first time, is allowing people to indefinitely postpone the worst effects of aging. In doing this, the company is helping to bring about Generation Young.


15 May

Sussex Healthcare Facility: Giving All-Rounded Treatment

Sussex healthcare has been giving old people and any other adults who may need special care for more than twenty years. Shiraz Boghani is a chairman of the facility, and his co-chair is Shafik Sachedina. Together, they make a dynamic team that provides the facility with top-notch services.

The specialized care is for cases of dementia, neurological disorders and Alzheimer’s in both the old and young adults. As home to these people, it offers recreational and social activities, based on every individual’s interest. The staff at this facility including the chefs are highly skilled in providing high-end services including proper meals for those who need special diets.

At the helm of Sussex healthcare
Shiraz has excellent hotel management skills with more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He is active in running renowned hotels such as the Hilton and Conrad, in London. He is a philanthropic and holds an active membership to the Ismaili Community and National Council. He has been at Sussex healthcare for more than 20 years.

Shafik is a dental surgeon and a philanthropist with active membership in the Ismaili community and other humanitarian organizations. Amanda-Morgan Taylor is the CEO of Sussex healthcare having started out as a nurse in 1984. Her career focuses on improving the lives of the elderly, and therefore she is empathetic to their plight.

The board members include Corrine Wallace, who is the head of marketing, and policy advisors, Professor Nick Bosanquet, who is skilled in health economics and Peter Catchpole, an experienced consultant in health-care.

The staff members are continuously trained in the training academy within the facility and offered management courses. Apprenticeships and other forms of training. They are well rewarded and given perquisites such as paid vacations and subsidized accommodation.

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Care services
Sussex healthcare services include:
• For the terminally ill, they get palliative care
• Those with learning and issues related to physical development, they are given specialist adult care
• Anyone who has brain-injury and other neurological disabilities typically gets neurological care

Sussex healthcare therapeutic facilities
These facilities include:
• Forest Lodge that serves dementia and Alzheimer’s patients
• Clemsfold house also caters for the dementia patients
• The rapkyns care home for those with neurological diseases

Healthcare facilities at Sussex healthcare
These include:
• Treehouse Educare for autistic children of ages seven to 19
• Dental practices where patients get all ranges of dental care
• Audiology to fit hearing aids

Search more about Sussex Healthcare: http://www.sussexhealthcare.org/sussex-health-care.html