1 Jun

Learn A Little About Military Veteran Ronald Fowlkes

Almost all countries around the world have at least some form of military. While tiny countries and New Zealand, for example, might not boast any military members or equipment used to defend their respective homelands and allies, the United States is home to one of the world’s most powerful military forces on the planet.


Ronald Fowlkes is one of the brave American citizens that served the United States military; Mr. Fowlkes even put himself in the line of combat multiple times to defend his country, its 300-million-odd inhabitants, and the basic civil liberties and human rights that the nation protects for all of its citizens.


Here’s Mr. Ronald Fowlkes’ work background

While some people enter their homeland’s military because they aren’t sure of what else to occupy their times with, Mr. Fowlkes entered the United States Marine Corps immediately after turning 18 because he always felt a strong connection to the most demanding branch of the military across the United States – the Marines.


He entered the Marines in 1989 and left four years later. The vast majority of Marines don’t gain any promotions during their initial four-year stint, though Ronald Fowlkes brought home two promotions with merit, rather than promotions made because someone ahead of him had passed away or been discharged from the forces.


Afterward, he began working for the Department of Defense as an independent contractor in which he was stationed in the heart of war-torn Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.


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