7 Jun

Larkin and Lacey-The Voice of Reason

We live in an indifferent world. Social norms and values are no longer what they were, and that is why there is a lot of conflict in the world.

The State of Arizona, too, is full of troubles because of Joe Arpaio, a man who has from the get-go undermined Latinos. Joe Arpaio, before his appointment as Maricopa County sheriff, had promised to do a lot in helping protect the rights of the minority.

However, his promises would never get to see the light of day. Joe, in his twenty-four-year rule as the sheriff, has subjugated immigrants to a lot of hurts. Many Latinos have fallen victim to Joe’s wrath, not because they did anything wrong but because Arpaio has always had a foul taste for people from the Hispanic community.

Like I said, Joe Arpaio has had a troublesome stay in Maricopa County because of his bad deeds. People, having taken note of Arpaio’s poor performance, took him to court after failing to deliver on his mandate.

If it were you, would you take such actions lightly? Joe, after years of active service, felt intimidated, and that is why he arrested Jim and Michael in the middle of the night for disclosing information about a grand-jury investigation.

Lacey and Larkin, after twenty-four days behind bars, found their freedom. It is shortly after that the duo took Maricopa County to the task, suing them for making a wrongful arrest that affected them both physically and emotionally. The case, after a lengthy process, got determined in favor of the duo and they even got a significant compensation for their troubles.

Today, Jim and Michael are millionaires all because of the events that happened less than a decade ago. The duo, instead of using their newly found fortune for pleasantries, has created the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund to help end social injustices in Arizona. The organization, through its affiliates, has brought the likes of Arpaio to the task, helping alleviate the standard of living in the state.

In reality, Michael and Jim would not be where they are today were it not for Arpaio. Joe has in a way helped alleviated the careers of the do, giving them all the mileage they need to advance their agenda. Mr. Lacey and Larkin after many years of trying can now boast about bringing Joe Arpaio to justice.

Arpaio, before his 2017 pardon was serving his jail term for undermining the rule of law. However, Joe is now free all thanks to President Trump. The future, although oblique, motivates Jim and Michael to continue with the struggle. After all, the migrants in Arizona only have Lacey and Larkin to help advance their agenda. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Twitter

So, where did the duo meet? Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey met in 1972 at a time when the two were working at Phoenix New Times.

The duo after making a connection, have continued to work together, and it is during their endeavors that they have opened the public eye in what is going on in Arizona. Therefore, the two journalists are the voice of reason in the region.

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