25 Jun

State Court Honors Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has been honored by the state court in Sao Paulo. An auditorium at Perdizes Stadium was named after the judge. The president of the university did the honors by celebrating and awarding the judge with his honorary award for his aid and direction with helping with the construction of the auditorium.


During the ceremony the judge who also is a professor of criminal law at the university childhood was spoken about. The honoree for the night was born in 1958. At the young age of fifteen, he had already decided to pursue a career in law. He began studying law at PUC in 1977. In 1981, he graduated. At the Pontifical Catholic University, he attained certifications, a masters degree, a doctorate degree and a teaching degree. He went onto complete a postdoctoral fellowship. He then began teaching at PUC, earning his tenure in 2003. Ever since 1982, he has been a professor educating students on law. In 1983, he joined the State Judiciary. Eventually he got promoted to substitute judge and became a Court of Appeals judge.


During the ceremony, his literary work was brought up. He is an author of many publications. He has penned forty articles and thirteen novels. His colleagues spoke favorably about the professor. They described him as a treasure to the faculty. His students endeared his teachings. His character as a good man was noted as well because of zealousness, loyalty and honesty. His work for the university and teachings for students are immortal, never to be forgotten but to be a recognizable feature of the university’s history. His family and friends joined him in the auditorium to celebrate his award. His plaque was awarded to him from the university’s Office For Specialization and Extension Courses because of his mission to the university.


Judge Marco Antonia Marques da Silva is an accomplished lawyer, judge and professor. His honored career comes at no surprise because of his numerous accomplishments he has done for the state and the university. His incredible work is beloved by so many people in Sao Paulo.


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