1 Jul

Jason Hope supports anti-aging research

Numerous health issues affect human beings as age progresses. It is a pity that old age has to be associated with suffering which comes with the inability to do things which we used to do at a younger age. Unfortunately, aging is a natural process that will happen no matter who you are. Aging does not have a certain group of people who it affects. As long as we are growing old, aging will catch up with us ultimately. For the longest time, the belief has been that there is nothing that can be done about aging. However, the narrative is slowly changing following scientific research that is being done by a group known as SENS Research Foundation.

SENS Research Foundation is led by Aubrey de Grey who is trying to assist the world resolve of the biggest puzzles. He wants to find a solution to the old age diseases by focusing on the main cause of the diseases which is aging. By addressing the root cause, the way human beings treat diseases will have changed. Normally, the research which is done focus on treatment of the diseases without looking at the cause. With the new research work that is being carried out by SENS, we are nearing an age where people will not worry about the age; the body will continue being strong and will not be affected by the diseases that come with old age. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging.

SENS Research Foundation depends on the goodwill of philanthropists who believe in the cause they are pushing for. One of the philanthropists who are ready to support the organization is Arizona based tech entrepreneur Jason Hope. Already Jason Hope has given the organization $500,000 which went to the creation of research laboratories as well as the creation of a program known as the AGE-breaker. This program is looking for a drug that will be able to stop or slow the aging process. Jason Hope is supporting research because he believes what the organization is doing is plausible and that by doing the right thing, we could wish farewell to old age diseases.

Jason Hope believes in the possibility of an anti-aging drug, and that is why he is passionate about the research. Although it is argued that it might even lead to an extension of lifespan, he has indicated that it is none of his concern at the moment. The most significant outcome is inventing a drug that will repair the damage caused by old age.

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