25 Jun

Meet Jeff Aronin the founder of the Ovation Pharmaceutical Inc.

Jeff Aronin is a philanthropist who is also currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Paragon Biosciences. Paragon Biosciences basically deals with helping people with rare diseases especially those with few treatment options and even those that have no treatment at all. By doing so, Paragon Bioscience play’s a great role in development of innovative startup companies with the intention to come up with pioneering treatments and new prescription and medications.


With the approval of 13 new medications by FDA in the last ten years, this marked great success for the Paragon Bioscience. Through Paragon Bioscience, Jeff Aronin provides both strategic and financial assistance to upcoming biotechnology companies, which is a step towards creation of new medicine. Paragon works by deeply studying the needs of the patients, manipulation of science and finally come up with companies in order to win in the battle against suffering, hence increasing the life span of the patients.


Having worked in the biotechnology industry for about 2 decades, Jeff Aronin has definitely garnered so much experience. Furthermore, he has a unique comprehension of rare disorders, research methods and also how to come up with new medicines. Jeff Aronin is a compassionate man, possessing a heart to serve other people. Jeff is Unique when it comes to leadership, by manipulation of his skills in leadership, it makes it possible for him to bring together a group of researchers with a goal to come up with a means to cure rare medical disorders and other terminal illnesses.


As a means of making changes in the field of medicine, Jeff Aronin likes to share his knowledge with young entrepreneurs in the field. According to him things that are viewed by many as impossible to solve, they are actually the problems that are worth solving. Through his continuous search of new technologies and medical treatments, this offers hope to many in the entire world. In his great desire to see the needs of patients with critical health conditions settled, he founded the Ovation Pharmaceutical back in the year 2000. However, after the company had successfully been operational for nine years, it was sold to a Danish healthcare company called Lundbeck.