25 Jun

Perry Mandera’s Charity Works Change Lives in Chicago

Perry Mandera is a renowned CEO and founder of the Custom Cares Charities. She is known for her outstanding entrance into the industry of transportation. He graduated from the Chicago High school in 1975 after which she was immediately recruited to the U.S Marine Corps Reserves. In his venture, he learned handy skills that he uses to serve the community better. He had the skills to drive a track from one place to another. Later, the United States Marine Corps honored Perry Mandera with a high discharge before he embarked on his former life.


The Career Path of Perry Mandera in the Transport Industry


Perry Mandera decided to undertake several jobs in the transportation industry since he was 23 years of age. Later in 1980, he started his own transportation company which he sold in later 1985. Perry Mandera is also believed to have had interest in politics back then. At that time he Perry Mandera had the opportunity to be a Republican Party committeeman in Chicago for a couple of years. At that moment he was the youngest individual to hold such a position.


In 1986, Custom Companies, Inc. was started by the great Perry Mandera. The objective of the company to present day has been to promote all sizes of businesses from the large corporates to the smallest family businesses in Chicago. The company headquarters are in Illinois. The company also features over hundred workers who have helped to records 200 million dollar sales in the recent years. The Custom Companies Inc. has its subsidiaries in other parts of America.


The company provides comprehensive transport services which range from domestic to foreign air freight forwarding services. The Custom Companies Inc. also has several other provisions including owning warehouses and distribution facilities across Chicago.


Perry Mandera Helping in Disaster Relief Efforts


On behalf of the company, Perry Mandera was honored to donate some transport services in the aid to the disaster relief efforts following the tornado-related devastation which occurred in 2013. The donated services were meant for people and business situated in Washington, Illinois. Additionally, Perry was able to give food and other supplies to the affected families.