15 May

Sussex Healthcare Facility: Giving All-Rounded Treatment

Sussex healthcare has been giving old people and any other adults who may need special care for more than twenty years. Shiraz Boghani is a chairman of the facility, and his co-chair is Shafik Sachedina. Together, they make a dynamic team that provides the facility with top-notch services.

The specialized care is for cases of dementia, neurological disorders and Alzheimer’s in both the old and young adults. As home to these people, it offers recreational and social activities, based on every individual’s interest. The staff at this facility including the chefs are highly skilled in providing high-end services including proper meals for those who need special diets.

At the helm of Sussex healthcare
Shiraz has excellent hotel management skills with more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He is active in running renowned hotels such as the Hilton and Conrad, in London. He is a philanthropic and holds an active membership to the Ismaili Community and National Council. He has been at Sussex healthcare for more than 20 years.

Shafik is a dental surgeon and a philanthropist with active membership in the Ismaili community and other humanitarian organizations. Amanda-Morgan Taylor is the CEO of Sussex healthcare having started out as a nurse in 1984. Her career focuses on improving the lives of the elderly, and therefore she is empathetic to their plight.

The board members include Corrine Wallace, who is the head of marketing, and policy advisors, Professor Nick Bosanquet, who is skilled in health economics and Peter Catchpole, an experienced consultant in health-care.

The staff members are continuously trained in the training academy within the facility and offered management courses. Apprenticeships and other forms of training. They are well rewarded and given perquisites such as paid vacations and subsidized accommodation.

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Care services
Sussex healthcare services include:
• For the terminally ill, they get palliative care
• Those with learning and issues related to physical development, they are given specialist adult care
• Anyone who has brain-injury and other neurological disabilities typically gets neurological care

Sussex healthcare therapeutic facilities
These facilities include:
• Forest Lodge that serves dementia and Alzheimer’s patients
• Clemsfold house also caters for the dementia patients
• The rapkyns care home for those with neurological diseases

Healthcare facilities at Sussex healthcare
These include:
• Treehouse Educare for autistic children of ages seven to 19
• Dental practices where patients get all ranges of dental care
• Audiology to fit hearing aids

Search more about Sussex Healthcare: http://www.sussexhealthcare.org/sussex-health-care.html

16 Feb

Dr. Mark Mofid Remarkable Surgeon Career

Platic Surgery involves the repairing of body parts by transfer of tissues for cosmetic or treatment purposes. The process is quite sensitive and requires a skilled and experienced professional in this field. Dr. Mark Mofid is a highly recommended Plastic surgeon specialist who got approved by both the Plastic Surgery American Board and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery American Board. Dr. Mofid work is highly praised not only by his clients but also his professional colleagues in this sector of plastic surgery.

To add to his exceptional expertise, Dr. Mark Mofid is a very compassionate individual who is committed to offering only the best in aesthetic surgery to his clients. His competent team is also very conscientious, and together they are always ready to stretch their limits to make patients comfortable and at ease during the plastic surgery process. Dr. Mark Mofid offices are easy to locate in Chula Vista and San Diego and to book for consultation is as simple as giving him a call.

The main contribution to his success was identifying that clients have different goals and motivation that propels them to have surgery. Before any form of treatment, Dr. Mark Mofid first evaluates and tries to understand client’s aims and concerns of the plastic surgery to ensure that he has met and satisfied the client need. According to Dr. Mark addressing this issues is essential for him to provide constant quality care.

Dr. Mark Mofid attended Harvard University for his undergraduate medical degree, and later he trained for plastic and general surgery. At University of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, he added advanced research in Craniofacial which increased his knowledge and skills in facial surgery.

With remarkable personality, skills, and education Dr. Mark has become very significant in the surgery field serving in different surgery institutions including; Scripps Memorial Hospital, Sharp Chula Vista and Palomar Medical Centers located in La Jolla and San Diego. Also, he serves at Plastic Surgery division of California University as a member of the clinical faculty where he zealously shares his expertise with the upcoming surgeons.

Dr. Mark has proven himself to be an outstanding Surgeon expert globally, through his publications on facial and breast surgery that is acknowledged worldwide by other surgeons.

26 Nov

Reviewing the Achievements of InnovaCare Health Under Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health is among established healthcare services providers based in the U.S. that have come up with unique offers for Medicare and Medicaid plans. As a physician practice services company, InnovaCare Health has developed new policies that have seen the company grow from a small entity to a leader in the entire Puerto Rico region.

It remains the most preferred company for managed healthcare in North America due to the cost effective processes it has been offering, not forgetting the good quality that comes with these services. InnovaCare Health celebrates the great support its new leadership has brought to make it one of the best-performing companies in the healthcare industry.

Since 2012, there have been changes in the services system that have allowed the company to become better and focused on offering services that are meant to avail accurate solutions to the problems of customers. Most importantly, InnovaCare Health hired new executives who came in with exceptional skills and ideas that have transformed the way the firm runs processes. Below is a brief highlight of two of the leaders who have pushed the company to become successful.

Rick Shinto
Rick Shinto joined InnovaCare Health in 2012 after working with Aveta Inc., as the President and CEO for a period of four years. He works as the current CEO and President and is responsible for drafting new ideas that have transformed the company to become a leader in the industry. Rick Shinto is a professional who has been in the clinical medicine industry for more than 20 years. He is also highly educated on innovacarehealth.com and a renowned author of journals and articles on clinical medicine and healthcare.

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokkinides has also been actively supporting the development of InnovaCare Health and she was appointed the Chief Administrative Officer. She also worked at Aveta Inc within the same period as Rick Shinto, and her position was that of the Vice President of the company.

About InnovaCare Health
As a premier healthcare services provider, Innovacare Health has come up with unique physician practice packages that have attracted the residents of North America. The company offers Medicare Advantage plans that are ideal to specific customer needs and affordable for the average user. Through modern technology and new leadership, InnovaCare Health has come up with a smooth system that has allowed customers to access services more easily.