25 Jun

Dr. Dov Rand Is Optimistic About The Future Of Holistically Treating Age-Related Conditions And Diseases

Dr. Dov Rand is aware of the fact that the art of healing has been around for a long time and that new ways of treating age-old issues are coming about all of the time. Patients who suffer from age-related conditions are now finding relief through some of his more progressive treatments. In fact, many others are starting to take more interest in the physical medicine and rehabilitation methods he employs, and they actively seek him out to discover what it is he is doing.


Dr. Dov Rand comes from a medical background, and he trained at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. After his training, he went into business for himself by opening up the Healthy Aging Medical Centers where he treats patients that are dealing with age-related diseases and conditions. He uses an integrative model of healing and aims to holistically treat his patients so they have lasting results. Most of the methods he uses have been peer-reviewed to ensure that they have a scientific backing behind them, and he combines these with exercise programs and nutritional regimens that keep his patients healthy.


Dr. Dov Rand is also known to be a doctor that passes on what he has learned, and in the medical community, this means he is a teacher. In this vein, he works to get the word out into the community about what is working and what isn’t. As a writer, he has decided to work on a book that is titled “It’s not too late to live past 100.” It his hope that this work will give the medical community the kind of information they have been looking for to help more people to suffer less. He also shows up to many different conferences all over the United States every year in order to pass on what he knows. As an active member in the anti-aging medical community, he is a part of the Age Management Group and the A4M society.


Dr. Dov Rand expects that the future will usher in an age where the medical community knows more about holistic treatments that can best serve the aging population.