21 Jun


Anil Chaturvedi went to the Indian University of Meerut in the year 1971-1973, obtaining a B.A in Economics with honors. He later went to Delhi University School of Economics in 1973, earning his M.B.A. through his holding of previous positions of India’s State Bank Branch Manager, North America’s Head of the Country, Merrill Lynch, NYC Grindlays Bank and currently, Switzerland’s Hinduja Bank Managing Director of the Private Banking sector. These four decades, in return, made him a seasoned banker through the acquired experience in private, investment and commercial banking.

Anil Chaturvedi specialized in corporate banking, private banking, investment banking, as well as the business of corporate advisory, focusing on transactions between Europe and India. As the managing director of Hinduja Bank since 2011, in Geneva Area of Switzerland, developed the corporate advisory business facilitating strategic alliances across borders of India, Asia, USA and Europe. He also dealt with acquisitions and mergers, restructuring of distressed assets and sales, syndicate credit, raising of capital from institutional investors and foreign organizations.

From October 1993 to July 2011, he was the managing director of Merrill Lynch, specializing in modified investment solutions for individuals with high net worth. In 1991 to 1993, Anil Chaturvedi was Vice President and Senior Representative for the United States Operations in ANZ Grindlays Bank, New York City, heading bank operations with the responsibility of development of products, marketing, regulation and compliance issues, leadership skills development and creation of profitable models.Anil Chaturvedi was the Manager of the State Bank of India in the year 1987 to July 1991, with the responsibility of planning and implementation of marketing strategies for the business capture of Nonresident Indians in the USA. He got Man of the Year Award.

Anil Chaturvedi is conversant with capital markets, wealth management services, financial markets, wealth management, derivatives, economic analysis, trading, financial structuring, risk management, credit, options of FX, private banking, business strategy, financial risk, private equity, equities, investment management, strategic marketing, asset management, operational risk, investments, relationship management, asset allocation, due diligence, portfolio management, finance, hedge funds, structured products, corporate finance, emerging markets,and securities lending.