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Michael Zomber Looks to the Future while Staying Rooted in the Past

Michael Zomber is best known to Americans as one of the contributors to the History Channels hit show Tales of the Gun, but that is just the tip of the iceberg of this man’s connection to the subject that he loves. The truth is that Michael is a man who loves history and more importantly he is a man who loves to share it with others. He started out in a simple life, born in Washington DC surrounded by the history of a nation. He then grew up into a child and then a man who had a passion for learning and for educating others.

Michael, as stated before, is of course one of the more recognizable faces from the Tales of the Gun Series on the History Channel. He has contributed to the shows episodes Guns of the Famous, Automatic Pistols, Dueling Pistols, Shotguns, Million Dollar Guns, and his personal favorite Guns of the Orient. There is a reason that his work on that particular episode is special to him. In addition to his love of all things history he is quite the enthusiast for ancient Asian cultures, most especially the Japanese culture and the samurai. He has also worked with the History Channel on other projects, acting a guest historian on many occasions.

It was Michael’s love of ancient Japanese culture and the era of the Samurai that led him to use his master’s degree in English Literature from UCLA to become a story teller of the past. His work Jesus and the Samurai is a controversial but critically acclaimed study that uses original source material in an effort to link the relationship between early Christianity and the subsequent development of the values and virtues of the traditional samurai way of life. Michael has also written several screen plays and fiction works including the popular Shogun Iemitsu War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan, which is a enthralling rad, but also a quintessential reference for others thanks to its expanded glossary of terms for Japanese weaponry, swords and samurai culture.

Michael Zomber is also a man who wants to look not only to the past but to the future as well. He works with many nonprofit and philanthropic organizations to help make the world a better place he and his wife Andrea support a number of organizations to assist children and help out in war torn areas in including The Smile Train, UNICEF, and Doctors Without Borders.

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