23 Jun

Doe Deere’s Daily Routine: Tips to Success

If you read the stories of some of the most successful people in the world, you will notice a certain trend that cuts across. Each one of them has a routine which they follow and which works best for them. For beauty guru and entrepreneur Doe Deere, success is as simple as following a strict routine.



Doe Deere is popularly known for her Lime Crime products. One of the routines which she strictly adheres to is her nine hours of sleep. She is a morning person who loves to cook and have her breakfast early. She also loves to sit and gaze outside while planning the day ahead.



Apart from waking up early, she starts her day by drinking a glass of water. Staying hydrated is crucial for her because she finds the Los Angeles air dry. Once she has taken her full glass of water, Doe does her stretches and the camel stretch is one of her favorites. Afterwards, she can make her breakfast, which would comprise hot cereal, fruit, yogurt or fresh orange juice. What is interesting is that she uses the oranges she has grown in her garden to squeeze out her own juice.



Just like most successful people in this day and age, Doe runs her life using technology. The calendar in her phone is one of the important tools that she uses to stay organized. When she wakes up in the morning, she has to check her calendar as well as the internal chat which she uses to keep in touch with her team. Throughout the day, you will find her responding to her emails. However, she tries to stay away from social media in the morning.



Makeup and getting ready are part of Doe’s daily routine. While doing her makeup, she loves to listen to some of her favorite songs. One of the songs which she is currently obsessed with is the Beatles’ Abbey Road. She uses Glossier for her face wash and always starts her makeup sessions with some moisturizer. Afterwards, she will apply her foundation and then sets it all using a powder. She will then work on her eyebrows and finish off with one of her bold lipsticks.



During the day, Doe is always at the office and spend time with her team. She eats her lunch at about noon and attends meetings before going back home at around six in the evening.


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