27 Jun

Entrepreneurial Superstar Brian Bonar Receives Prestigious Honor

Proving the advantage of having a hand in a variety of pots, Brian Bonar is involved with a number of businesses, though his duties as chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation take up much of his time. additionally, Mr. Bonar heads up Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc, again serving as chairman and chief executive officer for that company. Brian is also President of Allegiant Professional Business Service.

While the hats worn by Brian Bonar are many, he seems to be excelling in every one of those positions, because he was just named the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance. The impressive title is of special importance, because of the rare instances in which it is bestowed.

Each year, just two men and two women are chosen in each discipline with the winning candidates selected based on a number of criteria. In selecting their choices, the selection committee looks at each candidate’s professional successes, educational achievements, and the quality of their leadership talents.

It may not be surprising to Brian’s contemporaries that he was chosen to receive the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year honor, as he has over thirty years of experience working in the financial sector. Through Dalrada Financial Corporation, Mr. Bonar has changed the face of business by offering clients a number of options in bettering employee relations. Dalrada offers its clients a wide selection of employee programs, which ultimately have a positive effect on company efficiency.

Brian launched his impressive career with a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stafford University, which gave him the resources he needed to work his way through the ranks. Now a highly sought business consultant, Mr. Bonar develops creative and innovative advertising strategies, as well as serving as a guiding hand in the area of mergers and acquisitions.

Starting out with IBM, Brian worked as a procurement manager and maintained a strong professional network, which ultimately led to his appointment as Director of Engineering at QMS. Bonar’s position at QMS is worthy of note, because he headed up a team of 100 engineers in developing new hardware and software for the company.

Brian Bonar stayed with QMS for four years, but left in 1989 to take on the position of Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Rastek Corporation. Rastek introduced Brian to the world of printing, sending him all over the world to offer new printing technologies to a global customer base.

Becoming more invested in the printing industry, Bonar went to work at Adaptec, where he worked closely with clients located in Japan and China. Ultimately, this position gave Brian the experience and ambition to strike out on his own.

In September of 1994, Brian Bonar founded Bezier Systems, offering his own version of an SCSI based printer.By 2008, Brian Bonar had found other interests, expanding his reach to companies like Allegiant and Smart-Tek, ultimately taking on the new position at Dalrada as well.


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