21 Aug

Daniel Taub: Best Ambassador Israeli Could ask for.

Daniel Taub is the one who has created a bridge of partnership between Israel and UK, by him being the former Israeli ambassador. In all these four years as an acting ambassador, he has opened the gates for trading between both these countries.

But this summer, he will be retiring as an ambassador and hoping that it won’t be the end of the relationship that he has built between these two countries.

Daniel Taub born in the UK with Israeli Descent. In 1989, he went back to Israel to serve his homeland after staying in the UK for twenty-five years. He is well educated, got his education from the top universities, he is a graduate of Oxford University and did his masters from Harvard’s.

After moving to Israel, he worked with the military as a combat medic officer. He had a lot of knowledge about international relations; his expertise was taken in formulating national laws. After working in international relations, he switched his work and started working in Israeli foreign ministry as a foreign minister.

After getting all his experience as a foreign minister, he then became the ambassador and represented his county in UK., because he was well aware of the UK, their customs, their political needs, values, and relationship so he was best and most experienced ambassador Israel could appoint.

All that time he was Ambassador, he did do a lot of benefit to his country by introducing him in the international market, and thus it helped their country to grow better and helped them communicate and get into a healthy relationship with other countries.

It also helped them to change the view of people have about Jews, he clearly focused on bringing the pride to Jewish people because he believed they deserve it. He was a nationalist, and that’s the only reason he worked this hard to make his country recognizable in the foreign trade market, and so that they can economically grow as well.

Bloomberg believes that Daniel Taub had a friendly relationship, not because of his personal benefit, but he did everything for his country and their interest. As the UK is the main financial head of Europe and a lot of businesses of Europe are controlled from the UK making it a center for a lot of opportunities.

He knew that building a healthy relationship with the UK, will help his country in a long run so he formulated new strategies, changed Israeli international laws renovated them, so that the partnership between two countries gets better and both can benefit each other and what he did was a fore sure job well done.

Daniel Tub is situated in the UK, from last four years, but has no plan to stay here; he will be moving back to his homeland really soon. As he wants his kids to know the cultural values of Israel, and how rich their tradition and culture is, which he knows he can only incorporate in his kids when they are there, themselves living in that culture, giving them a better understanding about their tradition.

Even after all the controversies Israel is still doing a partnership with a lot of countries and making their economy better and better.

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